Friday, November 13, 2009

Random Act of Kindness

A while back, Psychgrad at Equal Opportunity Kitchen blogged about random acts of kindness. She had been on the receiving end of such a lovely gesture from Julia at Grow. Cook. Eat. and she was passing on the favor. The only requirement was to post a comment and be willing to pay it forward.

Psychgrad randomly chose 3 lucky recipients for a random act of kindness of her choosing and you guessed it, my name was picked! I received a lovely basket of goodies: Williams-Sonoma Spicy Chipotle Rub, artisanal mustard, artisanal jam, Saskatoon berry tea, Back to Nature Sea Salt Roasted Almonds, gum, apples and a lovely lavendar soap.

One of several goodies I received from Psychgrad at Equal Opportunity Kitchen...

Now it's my turn to keep giving! The rules are simple:

1. Leave a comment on this post no later than 8:00 pm Eastern Time Friday, November 20th. I'll pick 3 comments randomly, on whose authors I'll bestow an act of kindness. I’ll announce the winners shortly after.

2. Having some experience with shipping overseas, I'm going to have to limit my kindness to bloggers from North America. Sorry! :(

3. My kindness can be anything of my choosing. It might be handmade and it might be purchased, but it will be selected just for you. I make no guarantees that you’ll love it (or not find it odd or quirky), but I guarantee that it will be heartfelt on my part.

4. All you have to do, dear readers, is have a blog and be willing to pass on the kindness by creating a similar post. If you don’t blog, play the game the old-fashioned way: find a neighbour, stranger or friend in need and fill it.

Good luck!

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