Monday, July 20, 2009

Sunday Brunch at Play Food and Wine

Returned to Play yesterday for Sunday brunch; first time for my hubby. Another fantastic experience! Unfortunately no pictures of the food as we were HUNGRY (not used to waiting until 11 for breakfast…) and we dug in as soon as we received our order.

First impression - I guess the staff had just cleaned the restaurant as we were greeted with a rather strong smell of Javex when we walked in. The odour dissipated quickly but I was concerned at first.

The food – Hubby and I shared the pork rillette since it was a hit the last time I had it. Still as delicious – tastes like something my grandma would make (she’s a very good cook). Must learn to replicate at home!

For our mains, I ordered the cornflake crusted eggs with BLT salsa and fried toast. My husband ordered the hangar steak with frites and aioli. Both were delicious!

My plate consisted of 4 small pieces of crisp bread topped with two cornflake crusted soft boiled eggs served with two dollops of BLT salsa and a small pile of greens dressed in garlic dressing. The highlight was definitely the BLT salsa. I *think* it's a combination of aioli, finely chopped parsley or lettuce, bacon/pancetta and tomato. No matter what it was, it was very tasty.

My husband’s plate consisted of a decent amount of steak (I would guess about 4 ounces) perfectly cooked rare/medium-rare and sliced, a big pile of fries and a small cup of aioli. The steak was melt-in-your-mouth delicious – the marinade was super tasty and it was cooked to perfection! The hand cut fries were also perfect – I’m very fussy about fries tasting or feeling greasy and these were neither.

For dessert we shared an espresso crème brulée and a small cranberry biscotti. The crème brulée was outstanding with a hard crust and a creamy interior with just a hint of espresso flavour. The cranberry was okay, a bit softer then I prefer biscottis to be but still tasty.

The entire meal including tax and tip came out to $50. Excellent value considering the quality of the food. Though the plates aren’t humongous, my hubby and I both walked out perfectly full and very pleased with our experience. We will be back!


  1. Sounds good. R was telling me you guys just went and enjoyed it. Haven't been yet -- but would like to try it.

  2. I've been twice and both times have been great! I love that the menu changes weekly; the food is always innovative and delicious!